Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11) Abbreviations and Acronyms

Based on IEEE 802.11-2012 document

3GPP 3rd Generation Partnership Project
802.x LAN IEEE 802-based local area networks such as IEEE 802.3 and IEEE 802.11
AA Authenticator address
AAA authentication, authorization, and accounting
AAD additional authentication data
AC access category
ACI access category index
ACK acknowledgment
ACM admission control mandatory
ACU admission control unit
ADDBA add Block Acknowledgment
ADDTS add traffic stream
AES advanced encryption standard
AES-128-CMACadvanced encryption standard (with 128-bit key) cipher-based message authentication code
AFC Automatic Frequency Control
AGC Automatic Gain Control
AID association identifier
AIFS arbitration interframe space
AIFSN arbitration interframe space number
AKM authentication and key management
AKMP Authentication and Key Management Protocol
AMPE authenticated mesh peering exchange
A-MPDU aggregate MAC protocol data unit
A-MSDU aggregate MAC service data unit
ANonce Authenticator nonce
ANPI average noise power indicator
ANQP Access Network Query Protocol
AP access point
APSDautomatic power save delivery
ARPAddress Resolution Protocol
ASAuthentication Server
ASELantenna selection
ASN.1Abstract Syntax Notation One
ASRAadditional step required for access
ATIMannouncement traffic indication message
BABlock Acknowledgment
BARBlock Acknowledgment request
BCCbinary convolutional code
BIPBroadcast/Multicast Integrity Protocol
BPSKbinary phase shift keying
BSAbasic service area
BSSbasic service set
BSSIDbasic service set identifier
BTbit time
BUbufferable unit
CAPcontrolled access phase
CBCcipher-block chaining
CBPcontention-based protocol
CBC-MACcipher-block chaining message authentication code
CCAclear channel assessment
CCKcomplementary code keying
CCMPCTR with CBC-MAC Protocol
CFPcontention-free period
CPcontention period
CRCcyclic redundancy code
CScarrier sense
CSDcyclic shift diversity
CSIchannel state information
CSMA/CAcarrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance
CTRcounter mode
CTSclear to send
CTS1clear to send 1
CTS2clear to send 2
CWcontention window
DAdestination address
DBPSKdifferential binary phase shift keying
DCFdistributed coordination function
DCLAdc level adjustment
DELBAdelete Block Acknowledgment
DELTSdelete traffic stream
DFSdynamic frequency selection
DFTdiscrete Fourier transform
DIFSdistributed (coordination function) interframe space
DLLdata link layer
DLSdirect-link setup
DLTFData Long Training field
DMSdirected multicast service
DMSIDdirected multicast service identifier
DNdestination network
DODFS owner
DQPSKdifferential quadrature phase shift keying
DRdata rate
DSdistribution system
DSCPdifferentiated services code point
DSEdynamic station enablement
DSMdistribution system medium
DSSdistribution system service
DSSDUdistribution system service data unit
DSSSdirect sequence spread spectrum
DSSS-OFDMDirect sequence spread spectrum orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
DSTdaylight saving time
DTIMdelivery traffic indication map
EAPExtensible Authentication Protocol (IETF RFC 3748-2004 [B38])
EAPOLExtensible Authentication Protocol over LANs (IEEE Std 802.1X-2004)
EASemergency alert system
EBRexpedited bandwidth request
ECSextended channel switching
EDenergy detection
EDCAenhanced distributed channel access
EDCAFenhanced distributed channel access function
EDTeastern daylight time
EHCCextended hyperbolic congruence code
EIFSextended interframe space
EIRPequivalent isotropically radiated power
ELTFExtension Long Training field
EOSPend of service period
ERPextended rate PHY
ERP-CCKextended rate PHY using CCK modulation
ERP-DSSSextended rate PHY using DSSS modulation
ERP-DSSS/CCKextended rate PHY using DSSS or CCK modulation
ERP-OFDMextended rate PHY using OFDM modulation
ERP-PBCCextended rate PHY using extended rate PBCC modulation
ESAextended service area
ESRemergency services reachable
ESSextended service set
ESTeastern standard time
EVMerror vector magnitude
FCframe control
FCSframe check sequence
FECforward error correction
FERframe error ratio
FFTFast Fourier Transform
FHfrequency hopping
FHSSfrequency-hopping spread spectrum
FIFOfirst in first out
FMSflexible multicast service
FMSIDflexible multicast stream identifier
FOVfield of view
FSMfinite state machine
FTfast BSS transition
FTAAfast BSS transition authentication algorithm
FTEfast BSS transition element
FTOfast BSS transition originator
GANNgate announcement
GASgeneric advertisement service
GFSKGaussian frequency shift key or keying
GIguard interval
GMKgroup master key
GNoncegroup nonce
GPRSgeneral packet radio service
GPSGlobal Positioning System
GTKgroup temporal key
GTKSAgroup temporal key security association
HChybrid coordinator
HCChyperbolic congruence code
HCCAHCF controlled channel access
HCFhybrid coordination function
HECheader error check
HEMMHCCA, EDCA mixed mode
HESSIDhomogenous extended service set identifier
HIPERLANhigh-performance radio local area network
HPAhigh power amplifier
HR/DSSSHigh Rate direct sequence spread spectrum using the long preamble and header
HR/DSSS/PBCCHigh Rate direct sequence spread spectrum using the optional packet binary convolutional coding mode and the long preamble and header
HR/DSSS/PBCC/shortHigh Rate direct sequence spread spectrum using the optional packet binary convolutional coding mode and the optional short preamble and header
HR/DSSS/shortHigh Rate direct sequence spread spectrum using the optional short preamble and header mode
HThigh throughput
HTChigh throughput control
HT-GF-STFHigh-Throughput Greenfield Short Training field
HT-SIGHigh-Throughput SIGNAL field
HT-STFHigh-Throughput Short Training field
HWMPhybrid wireless mesh protocol
HWMP SNhybrid wireless mesh protocol sequence number
IBSSindependent basic service set
ICMPInternet Control Message Protocol
ICVintegrity check value
IDFTinverse discrete Fourier transform
IFFTinverse Fast Fourier Transform
IFSinterframe space
IGTKintegrity group temporal key
IGTKSAintegrity group temporal key security association
IMpintermodulation protection
INonceinitiator nonce
IPIidle power indicator
IPNIGTK packet number
I/Qin phase and quadrature
IrDAinfrared data association
ISMindustrial, scientific, and medical
IUTimplementation under test
IVinitialization vector
KCKEAPOL-Key confirmation key
KDEkey data encapsulation
KDFkey derivation function
KEKEAPOL-Key encryption key
LANlocal area network
LCIlocation configuration information
LDPClow-density parity check
LEDlight-emitting diode
LFSRlinear feedback shift register
LLClogical link control
L-LTFNon-HT Long Training field
LMElayer management entity
LNAlow noise amplifier
LRClong retry count
LSBleast significant bit
L-STFNon-HT Short Training field
LTFLong Training field
MACmedium access control
MAC_Iinitiator mac address
MAC_Ppeer mac address
MAFMCCA access fraction
MBCAmesh beacon collision avoidance
MBSSmesh basic service set
MCCAMCF controlled channel access
MCCAOPMCF controlled channel access opportunity
MCFmesh coordination function
MCSmodulation and coding scheme
MDEMobility Domain element
MDIDmobility domain identifier
MFBMCS feedback
MFPCmanagement frame protection capable
MFPRmanagement frame protection required
MGTKmesh group temporal key
MIBmanagement information base
MICmessage integrity code
MIHmedia-independent handover
MIMOmultiple input, multiple output
MLMEMAC sublayer management entity
MLPPmulti-level precedence and preemption
MMEManagement MIC element
MMPDUMAC management protocol data unit
MPDUMAC protocol data unit
MPMmesh peering management
MPSPmesh peer service period
MRQMCS request
MSBmost significant bit
MSDUMAC service data unit
MSGCFMAC state generic convergence function
MSKmaster session key
MTKmesh temporal key
MUImessage unique identifier
N/Anot applicable
NAInetwork access identifier
NASnetwork access server
NAVnetwork allocation vector
NDPnull data packet
NonERPnonextended rate PHY
NTPNetwork Time Protocol (IETF RFC 1305-1992 [B25])
OBSSoverlapping basic service set
OCBoutside the context of a BSS
OFDMorthogonal frequency division multiplexing
OIorganization identifier
OSIOpen Systems Interconnection (ISO/IEC 7498-1:1994)
OUIorganizationally unique identifier
PAEport access entity (IEEE Std 802.1X-2004)
PBACprotected block ack agreement capable
PBCCpacket binary convolutional code
PCpoint coordinator
PCFpoint coordination function
PCOphased coexistence operation
PDUprotocol data unit
PERpacket error ratio
PERRpath error
PHBper-hop behavior
PHYphysical layer
PHYCSPHY carrier sense
PHYEDPHY energy detection
PICSprotocol implementation conformance statement
PIFSpoint (coordination function) interframe space
PLCPphysical layer convergence procedure
PLMEphysical layer management entity
PLWPSDU length word
PMDphysical medium dependent
PMKpairwise master key
PMK-R0pairwise master key, first level
PMK-R1pairwise master key, second level
PMKIDpairwise master key identifier
PMKSApairwise master key security association
PNpacket number
PNpseudonoise (code sequence)
PNoncepeer nonce
PP A-MSDUpayload protected aggregate MAC service data unit
PPDUPLCP protocol data unit
PPMpulse position modulation
PREPpath reply
PREQpath request
PRFpseudorandom function
PRNGpseudorandom number generator
PSpower save (mode)
PSAPpublic safety answering point
PSDUPLCP service data unit
PSFPLCP Signaling field
PSKpreshared key
PSMPpower save multi-poll
PSMP-DTTpower save multi-poll downlink transmission time
PSMP-UTTpower save multi-poll uplink transmission time
PTIpeer traffic indication
PTKpairwise transient key
PTKSApairwise transient key security association
PXUproxy update
PXUCproxy update confirmation
QAMquadrature amplitude modulation
QBPSKquadrature binary phase shift keying
QLRCQoS long retry counte
QoSquality of service
QPSKquadrature phase shift keying
QSRCQoS short retry counter
R0KHPMK-R0 key holder in the Authenticator
R0KH-IDPMK-R0 key holder identifier in the Authenticator
R1KHPMK-R1 key holder in the Authenticator
R1KH-IDPMK-R1 key holder identifier in the Authenticator
RAreceiver address or receiving station address
RADIUSremote authentication dial-in user service (IETF RFC 2865-2000 [B31])
RANNroot announcement
RAVresource allocation vector
RCPIreceived channel power indicator
RDreverse direction
RDERIC Data element
RDGreverse direction grant
RFradio frequency
RFCrequest for comments
RICresource information container
RIFSreduced interframe space
RLANradio local area network
RPIreceive power indicator
RRBremote request broker
RSCreceive sequence counter
RSNrobust security network
RSNArobust security network association
RSNERobust Security Network element
RSNIreceived signal to noise indicator
RSPIreceiver service period initiated
RSSIreceive signal strength indicator
RTSrequest to send
RXreceive or receiver
RXASSIreceive antenna selection sounding indication
RXASSRreceive antenna selection sounding request
S0KHPMK-R0 key holder in the Supplicant
S0KH-IDPMK-R0 key holder identifier in the Supplicant
S1KHPMK-R1 key holder in the Supplicant
S1KH-IDPMK-R1 key holder identifier in the Supplicant
SAsource address
SAEsimultaneous authentication of equals
SAPservice access point
S-APSDscheduled automatic power save delivery
SA Query Security Association Query
SDLspecification and description language
SDUservice data unit
SFDstart frame delimiter
SKCKSTSL key confirmation key
SKEKSTSL key encryption key
SIservice interval
SIFSshort interframe space
SLRCstation long retry count
SMspatial multiplexing
SMEstation management entity
SMKSTSL master key
SMKSASTSL master key security association
SMTstation management
SNAPSub-Network Access Protocol
SNonceSupplicant nonce
SNRsignal-to-noise ratio
SPservice period
SPASupplicant address
SPP A-MSDU signaling and payload protected aggregate MAC service data unit
SQsignal quality (PN code correlation strength)
SRCshort retry count
SSstation service
SSIDservice set identifier
SSPsubscription service provider
SSPNsubscription service provider network
SSRCstation short retry count
STBCspace-time block coding
STKSTSL transient key
STKSASTSL transient key security association
STSLstation-to-station link
STTselective translation table
TAtransmitter address or transmitting station address
TAITemps Atomique International (International Atomic Time)
TBTTtarget beacon transmission time
TCtraffic category
TCLAStraffic classification
TDLStunneled direct-link setup
TDLS peer PSM tunneled direct-link setup peer power save mode
TFStraffic filtering service
TIDtraffic identifier
TIETimeout Interval element
TIMtraffic indication map
TKtemporal key
TKIPTemporal Key Integrity Protocol
TMPTTtarget measurement pilot transmission time
TOAtime of arrival
TODtime of departure
TPCtransmit power control
TPKSATDLS Peer Key Security Association
TStraffic stream
TSCTKIP sequence counter
TSFtiming synchronization function
TSIDtraffic stream identifier
TSNtransition security network
TSPECtraffic specification
TTAKTKIP-mixed transmit address and key
TTLtime to live
TTTTtarget TIM transmission time
TUtime unit
TXtransmit or transmitter
TXASSItransmit antenna selection sounding indication
TXASSRtransmit antenna selection sounding request
TXEtransmit enable
TXOPtransmission opportunity
U-APSDunscheduled automatic power save delivery
UCTunconditional transition
UESAunauthenticated emergency service accessible
ULSUniversal Licensing System
U-NIIunlicensed national information infrastructure
UPuser priority
URIuniform resource identifier
URLuniversal resource locator
URNUniform Resource Name
UTCCoordinated Universal Time
VLANvirtual local area network
VoIPvoice over Internet Protocol (IP)
WLANwireless local area network
WDSwireless distribution system
WEPwired equivalent privacy
WMwireless medium
WNMwireless network management


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