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showing list of updates available in ubuntu using apt

To see the list of updates available in Ubuntu using apt , use the below command in console
apt-get --just-print upgrade

Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11) Abbreviations and Acronyms

Based on IEEE 802.11-2012 document

3GPP 3rd Generation Partnership Project802.x LAN IEEE 802-based local area networks such as IEEE 802.3 and IEEE 802.11AA Authenticator addressAAA authentication, authorization, and accountingAAD additional authentication dataAC access categoryACI access category indexACK acknowledgmentACM admission control mandatoryACU admission control unitADDBA add Block AcknowledgmentADDTS add traffic streamAES advanced encryption standardAES-128-CMACadvanced encryption standard (with 128-bit key) cipher-based message authentication codeAFC Automatic Frequency ControlAGC Automatic Gain ControlAID association identifierAIFS arbitration interframe spaceAIFSN arbitration interframe space numberAKM authentication and key managementAKMP Authentication and Key Management ProtocolAMPE authenticated mesh peering exchangeA-MPDU aggregate MAC protocol data unitA-MSDU aggregate MAC service data unitANonce Authenticator nonceANPI average noise power indicatorANQP Access Netw…

MySQL max connection status for optimisations

you can use the below query to check the max connection statistics

select version();show variables like "%max_connections%";show global status
         like "%Max_used%";show status like "%thread%";

Max_used_connections : The maximum number of connections that have been in use simultaneously since the server started.
max_connections : The maximum permitted number of simultaneous client connections.