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XAMPP and skype issues

If you installed skype and xampp in a PC and when you try to start the Apache, you will have issue in starting it. If you first login to the skype account and then start the XAMPP apache server, it wont start.

To solve this go to the
Options -> Advanced -> Connections
Uncheck the Check box written as Use Port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections.

As shown below

logging the linux shell session

To start logging the linux bash shell session to a file, type in the bash shell console the command script

dino@dino-laptop:~$ script
Script started, file is typescript

This will start logging what all comes in the bash shell to the file typescript in the path from where u typed the command script. To stop the logging, just type exit in the bash shell or type control + D

dino@dino-laptop:~$ exit
Script done, file is typescript

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i had posted some tutorials and planning to add more slowly.

how to change the "index page" title for the phpbb3 forum

To change  'Index Page' title in phpBB3 forum.
Please ensure you make backup copies for safety

Change 'Index Page' title in phpBB3
1. Edit the file /language/en_us/common.php, depending on the language you selected
2. Find the string : 'INDEX' => 'Index page',
3. Change 'Index page' to the title you want, say 'My Forum'

Thats all