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R cannot be resolved android error

when i was doing the android app, the below error was coming after developing for some time when i opened the eclipse.

R cannot be resolved 

even though the same code was working  previously. after googling found that if we clean the project form the menu

 select "Project" -> "Clean..." 

Hope this helps for others.

In Microsoft Word 2010 Leveled Numbering list turns to black box

I searched some forums and got the fix, please follow the below points

1. Put your cursor on the heading just right of the black box
2. Use the left arrow key on your keyboard to move left until the black box turns grey
3. Use the keyboard combination ctrl+shift+s, the dialog "Apply Styles" should appear
4. In this box, click "reapply"

taking screenshot in android 4.0 and above

 Taking a Screenshot in Android 4.x

To take a screenshot on your android device from version 4 and above , press the Volume Down and Power keys at the same time.

The screenshot will be saved on the gallery->Screenshots folder, \

you can select it and share through mail/bluetooth etc. and other sharing methods available, same as sharing a normal photos.