In Microsoft Word 2010 Leveled Numbering list turns to black box

I searched some forums and got the fix, please follow the below points

1. Put your cursor on the heading just right of the black box
2. Use the left arrow key on your keyboard to move left until the black box turns grey
3. Use the keyboard combination ctrl+shift+s, the dialog "Apply Styles" should appear
4. In this box, click "reapply"


  1. Thank you so much for the tip. I have searched all over for a solution to that problem. Your fix has been most helpful.

  2. Holy cow...thanks SO MUCH! I wasted so much time trying to figure this out!

  3. Holy cow! So grateful for this post...I had already wasted so much time with this issue!

  4. You really helped me out with this, i was freaking out! Thanks!

  5. Thank you also, I have spent half a day on this until I found your comment :)

  6. Sadly this does not work for all. I have had an issue that shows as the same, but the Heading style level 3 is corrupted (no longer visible, and replaced with something that looks like h3 (and a lot of description after it). The original style Heading 3 has completely vanished. There is no way it was deleted. Still stuck on this, and might have to start the doc structure again. HELP!! :)

  7. I just commented. Can't see the comment I left and was prompted again..


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