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vim showing all opened files using sp/vsp

showing all opened files in vim
in vimrc file paste the below line
map <F4> :ls<CR>:buffer<space>

after opening the files in vim, type F4 and you can see the files and jump by pressing the corresponding the number

Android Hidden phone informations

1) *#*#4636#*#*
give you details about phone details like below
Phone InformationBattery INformationUsage StatisticsWi-Fi Information
2) To get IMEI : *#06#  works with types of mobiles

printing hex values in linux kernel module

for printing the hex values in the kernel modules/kernel space we can use the print_hex_dump function

the format is as follows

print_hex_dump("KERN_ERROR", "Message: ", DUMP_PREFIX_OFFSET,
                            16, 2, data_buffer, length_of_buffer, 1);