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adding/inserting comment in Aptana studio 3

For inserting comment in Aptana Studio 3 check the menu Commands > Source > Comments. as seen below attached screencapture

Ctrl - /      to add/remove // for a single line of code, or for multiple selected lines.
Ctrl-shift-/ to add /* */ around selected code or inserting block comment
Ctrl-Shift-B  insert comment banner

diff, excluding files and directories

For excluding files and directories  while using diff, we can pass the exclude pattern in the command line.

Say for you  u want to exclude the below file and folders
logs -> Folder/Directory
uploads -> Folder/Directory

diff -Nru  -x 'config.txt' -x 'log.txt' -x 'logs' -x 'error_log' -x 'uploads' <folder-old> <fodler-new>

WiFi Soft AP - Virtual AP-Virtual Router - Windows 7 for internet sharing like wireless hotspot

hello all want to turn your laptop to a WiFi hotpsot. you can call it like Software AP, Soft AP, Virtual Access Point(VAP), virtual router. From Windows 7 onwards we can turn the WiFi adapter in the laptop or PC to work like an Access Point. So after turning on this feature your laptop/PC will act as an WiFi Access Point so that laptop/PC with wifi adapter can connect to it for browsing or you can do normal PC connectivity for data sharing

For this we need to configure the settings using netsh using administrator privilege and enable the internet connection for the interface which u want to share.

Follow the below steps to achieve it

1) Select the  network interface properties , say if you want to share the data card , select as shown below
2) Go to the Sharing tab and in the Internet Connection Sharing

check the checkbox Allow other network users to connect through this computers Internet connection as shown in the below figure

3) Now open the command prompt in administrato…