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Linux File Permission in octal format in terminal or command line

To see the file permission in Linux terminal use the below command

stat -c "%a %n" *

* = will list and show all files , replace with the fie name if you want to know only for one filename

virtual machine shared folder permission

When using Ubuntu on Virtual Box, you can share a folder between Windows Hosta and Ubunut Guest, after doing the sharing, you need to set the permission so that it can be accessed using the normal user login

You need to type the followinf command to add the permission for the normal user to access it

sudo usermod -aG vboxsf <youruser_name>


sudo usermod -aG vboxsf `whoami`

Wi-Fi command line commands

Wi-Fi(IEEE 802.11) command line useful commands

WI-Fi AP Mode
1) Scan the network

iw dev wlan0 scan or
iw dev wlan0 scan ap-force

2) Connected Devices to the Wi-Fi Access Point (wifi AP mode)

Using hostapd cli:  hostapd_cli all_sta

using ctag with PHP

ctags-exuberant -f php.tags --languages=PHP -R