Making the VxWorks Tornado project independent of absolute path

Please Follow the steps below
Assuming the project name is trnado_prj and it is stored at D:\src_trnado_prj\src

1) Close Tornado Application
2) Open the trnado_prj.wpj in NOTEPAD
3) Replace D:/src_trnado_prj/src with $(PRJ_DIR)/../../../../../.. using the notepad replace all the occurences in the trnado_prj.wpj file
4) Save and close it
5) After doing this delete the makefile in the then compile it

Note: Only once you have to do it. After that if the source code is the directory which contains the above mentioned trnado_prj.wpj file, and if you are renaming it again the base folder name, just delete the make file and Build it


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